Liturgical Music in the Catholic Churches of Australia: Crisis and Response – Reflections and Suggestions

My brief foray into the vexed issue of liturgical music and song in the Australian Catholic Churches last week drew a lot of comment, both positive and negative, both here and in that “other” forum. In order to put my earlier comments into some sort of context, I have taken the time to write a much longer document, which consists entirely of my own reflections on the crisis of liturgical music and song in the Catholic Churches of Australia, and my own humble suggestions for ways forward.

I offer the opinions and ideas in this paper for what they are worth to the general readership. Your reactions would be welcome. I have left space for discussion at the bottom of that rather long page, so I am closing comments to this post. It would get too confusing to have the discussion going on in two places. Besides the link in this post, there is a link from the side bar under “permanent pages”.

I should not need to repeat this, but I shall, just so there is no misunderstanding: What I have written is entirely my own opinion; it cannot be taken as representing the opinion of any other individual or body, private or ecclesial.

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