More Proof That God Loves Amputees

Thanks to Cooees in the Cloister for another example of a cured amputee!

The “amputee” in this case was St John Damascenewho, according to The Warden, “was accused of being an enemy of the state in which he lived, and as punishment, the Caliph ordered that one of his hands be chopped off. Afterwards, St. John took the severed hand, he prayed in front of an icon of Our Lady (one said to have been written by St. Luke), and then fell asleep, waking to find that his hand was healed.”

Actually, technically, I guess this was more of a healing than a regrowth of the limb, but the hand in question was definitely amputated. And if this miracle counts, then we would have to throw in the healing of the soldier whose ear was dropped off by St Peter in the garden of Gethsemane.

Someone should tell the guys at Together with the case of Pellicer, that makes three I know of. Is that enough now, Louise?

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One Response to More Proof That God Loves Amputees

  1. LYL says:

    Nope. No amount of miracles will ever be enough. Come on, David, these are *rational* people we’re talking about here!


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