Oh how sad. They're pulling the Hitler rants…

I wanted today to show my daughters some of the “Hitler rant” parodies on YouTube (this was the one I was attempting to find), only to find that I could hardly find any of my favourites. The story is here. How sad. One would have thought that all that free publicity would be good for the producers of the film. Some people take the law far too seriously. The really sad thing is that now we can’t have a “Hitler Rant” about Constantine Films pulling all the “Hitler Rant” parodies off YouTube.

Update: Actually – and ironically – I just found one. Apologies for the language used. Funny ending. One warning: by the time you click this link, it might not be there any more.

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3 Responses to Oh how sad. They're pulling the Hitler rants…

  1. PM says:

    I especially enjoyed the one of Dawkins ranting about (what we all hope and expect will be) his failure to have the Pope arrested.

  2. Matthias says:

    Pity that the parodies of Schikelgruber are being removed. I still think it is a pity that an Australian bullett only wounded him on the Western front rather than removing him for good .

  3. Past Elder / Terry Maher says:

    That’s Schicklgruber, his father’s unmarried mother’s name. Johann Hiedler married Anna Schicklgruber when Alois, Adolf’s father, was five, and became his legal step-father. Hitler is one of several variant spellings. Thus Alois Schicklgruber became Alois Hitler. Schicklgruber was not Adolf Hitler’s name ever.

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