The Sistine Chapel – Just like the real thing, only EMPTY!

If you have been to the Sistine Chapel as a tourist recently (and not for a liturgical event or perhaps a conclave), you will have found it disconcertingly filled with a crowd of rowdy tourists (self-excluded, of course).

Now you can get the full Sistine Chapel experience ONLINE here – and with really nice streaming music too! The only feature I would like to see added is a zoom and the ability to move the point of reference around. But it is still really cool. AND empty!

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3 Responses to The Sistine Chapel – Just like the real thing, only EMPTY!

  1. Past Elder / Terry Maher says:

    Judas Digital Priest, where is an Oliviero Cardinal Carafa when we need him?

    • Schütz says:

      Speaking of Cardinals Carafa, doesn’t our friend Cardinal Pole on this blog often sound rather more like Giovanni Pietro Cardinal Carafa rather than the historical Reginald Cardinal Pole? I’ve always wondered what sort of Church (or Churches) we would be living in now if Cardinal Pole rather than Cardinal Carafa got the white smoke.

  2. Past Elder / Terry Maher says:

    Holy crap, you mean Paul IV? Well, I have no doubt Die saemtliche Werke Past Elders would have ended up on the Index, but I’m not sure if my Righteous of the Nations thing would get me the yellow hat.

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