Friends in High Places!

Okay, so Papa Benny and I are not exactly on a first name basis with one another, but I discover today that I am (or at least once was) on a first name basis with one leader of a globally significant Christian body.

Back when I was a student at Luther Seminary, my wife and I lived next to the Rev. Matthew Harrison and his wife. He plays the banjo badly (or at least did then) but doesn’t seem to have stopped them from electing him as the President of the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church. My congratulations to Matt, and best wishes for his ministry as President of that venerable body of Lutherans. HT to Pastor Mark.

Rev. Matt Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

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11 Responses to Friends in High Places!

  1. Matt’s election came as great news to all confessional Lutherans, David.
    I’ve sent his contact details to you, btw.

  2. Peregrinus says:

    Perhaps one of his campaign commitments was “if elected, I will give up the banjo”.

    Or perhaps not. It seems from this site . . .

    . . . that a fondness for the banjo is seen as an electoral asset in LCMS circles.

    Papabili take note!

    • Hey, it is the _Missouri_ Synod, Pere.
      Shades of the South, and all that.
      (let it immediately be said that the great LC-MS has long since outgrown its parochial origins, though.)

      And really, what’s so objectionable about the banjo?
      It’s a great folk instrument, yes?

      • Schütz says:

        I’m a fan of the banjo. Cathy’s uncle, who organises the jazz festival in Mildura and has his own local radio station for jazz music, is not. So… the jury’s out, I reckon.

  3. Christine says:

    Blessings upon Rev. Harrison and the LCMS as he assumes leadership of the Synod.

    With Pastor Harrison’s many gifts, I fully expect German to be restored as the Synod’s liturgical language :)


  4. That would be a bridge too far, Christine

  5. Christine says:

    That would be a bridge too far, Christine

    Yes, I suspect you are right about that, Pastor Henderson — OK, how about one “Deutsche Gottesdienst” a month :)


    • Schütz says:

      An “extraordinary form” of the Common Service, maybe?

      Actually, here is an interesting thing to note. As far as I know, LCMS never embraced the ICEL translations like the other mob did.

      I wonder if they would be open to using our new translations? (I wonder if the LCA will consider this for the same reasons?).

  6. Matt Harrison says:

    Hey Schuetzie,
    Yes, I still play badly! But I could talk out of school about you too! Great blog.

    • Schütz says:

      Sorry for not being more postive about your banjo playing, Matt! It was, let us say, memorable! :-)

      All that said, you have many other talents that have been well recognised in your election as President. I wish you and the LCMS all the best!

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