Christ's Church, not mine.

From the pen of Abbo of Fleury, c.1000AD, cited by Fr Aidan Nichols on page 223 of “Rome and the Eastern Churches”:

Let him who wishes the health of his soul beware of believing that the Church belongs to any save God alone. For he said to Peter, the prince of the apostles, “I will give thee my Church”: “mine”, not “thine”… In truth, dear princes, we neither live nor speak as Catholics when I say, “This church is mine”, and some other says, “That church is his”.

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  1. jeffersontan says:

    In the light of what he said (link below) about the Greens being more Christian than Cardinal Pell, someone should send this post to Senator Brown. On the other hand, he might then say that Christ was wrongheaded because he was not being inclusive.


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