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Two blogs you might be interested in.

The first is that of our friend and fellow Sentirist Joshua, Psallite Sapientier. Josh has just come back from a short holiday in South Australia catching up with Lutheran pals there such as the inestimable Pastor Fraser Pearce (now Pastor of Bethlehem, Flinders Street). He also went to the Barossa – my ancestoral happy hunting grounds (or at least grape-stomping grounds) – and visited the little church of Gnadenfrei at Marananga. A good friend of mine, Pastor David Spike, now Deputy Headmaster at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Croydon, was ordained there because his father was the resident pastor there at the time. Your correspondent, having been recently ordained himself, assisted at the ordination, as did (if memory serves me correctly) another good friend of mine and now the pastor to my wife and children at St Paul’s Box Hill, Pastor Andrew Brook.

Speaking of ordinations, the other blog I wanted to feature is one that Joshua has only just brought to my attention, by the newly ordained Fr Nicholas Pearce at Fr Nick was ordained on Saturday here at St Pat’s Cathedral (unfortunately I could not attend because I was home alone with a sick daughter), but he has some nice pictures of the ordination and his first mass on the blog. He seems to be quite prolific in his blogging – obviously relishing the new found freedom beyond the walls of the Seminary. Soon pastoral life will kick in and I guess the volume of the blogging will decrease a little, but we can be certain that the quality will be maintained. Nick has been blogging since August, and looks set to become our local “Fr Z.” at this rate. Congratulations on your ordination, Fr Pearce, and welcome to the SCE blogroll! I hope you will find time among your many priestly duties to drop in for a glass of port at the SCE commentary table!

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks, David!

    I do miss catching up, but my friends will go and live in cities all over Australia and the world, rather than conveniently next door, I can’t imagine why… while I once knew you kata sarka, for the moment, I know you now no more, but only via electronic means…

    You must tell us more about the Barossa, or Neu-Schlesien (New Silesia) as I believe they first named it.

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