What a tease! Sacramentum Caritatis draws a blank…

Well, by the time you read this, dear Reader, you will probably find this page filled with a wondrous meditation and serious direction on the Holy Eucharist. But at the moment (9:36pm EST, or 10:36am GMT) it is a stark, glorious blank, except for the following:


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Someone, somewhere in the Vatican, has a twisted sense of humour. Or is it that they have finally learnt about holding us in suspense? The great suspense, of course, is whether there will or won’t be a motu proprio attached to the Exhortation. My prediction? There won’t be. Why? Because I would rather make this prediction and be proved wrong than make the alternative prediction and still be proved wrong.

I gave up trying to second guess the Vatican during the papal enclave, when I assured everyone that while Ratzinger was the most eligible candidate for the papacy, the cardinals wouldn’t have the balls to elect him.

Again, I would rather predict the worst outcome and be proved wrong than predict the best and still be proved wrong.

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