Very Droll, Amy, Very Droll…

Here’s what Sir Humphrey would call a “very droll” blog by Amy Welborn.

Sometimes you just get lucky
…and you hit a Mass in which you get not one, not two, but three homilies. (At the “greeting,” (3 minutes), at homily time (20 minutes) and at the end of Mass (7 minutes or so. Which includes introduction of guest speaker, guest speaker, and then comment on guest speaker.) It’s great.

Since our new priest has come, I have been mercifully spared the Five Homily mass in my local parish (in addition to Amy’s outline, this used to include two more homilies incorporated in the Offertory Prayer and the Eucharistic Prayer).

I note with great approval and incredible surprise that this morning our new pastor celebrated a baptism during mass with the FULL RITE, including prayers of exorcism, anointing with the oil of catechumens as well as the oil of chrism, full blessing of the baptismal water, and full triple renunciation and triple affirmation of faith. And no extra homily added in during the rite either. Thank you, Father!

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