Welcome, Luthero-Anglo-Papist Marco!

Many years ago, a very good friend and fellow Lutheran pastor and I parted ways. He went to the Traditional Anglican Communion, I went to the Catholic Church. I never doubted, however, that we were searching for the same thing. I have never had my doubts that I have found it in the Church which is in communion with the Bishop of Rome. Marco however has had a longer road to walk, but I thank God that he has answered their prayers and that Marco and Penny and their family are now to be received into the Catholic Church. The banner above comes from Marco’s Blog “A Seriously [one could say terminally] Confused Anglo Papist“. I wonder which picture of the Holy Father best expresses his feelings at Marco’s coming reception? No. 2 or No. 5?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting. I am interested in the Anglo Catholic movement in Australia. As you might have heard, the Anglican Church here in the USA is going off the rails big time. As one of my favortie bloggers said ,the Pontificator, quote:
    “I can think of no better diagnosis of the present Episcopal Church than that offered by Dr. Radner—madness! What else can explain a church that abandons its foundational theological principles and giddily jumps off the ecclesiastical cliff in an act of spiritual and institutional suicide. Like the early Bolsheviks, our Episcopal revisionists really do believe in their revolution. Damn the torpedoes! Full-speed ahead! Viva la revolución! Whatever the cost, no matter how many members are driven away, no matter how many congregations may be forced to close, no matter how many faithful priests are compelled by conscience to renounce their orders, no matter how many canon laws must be twisted and abused to rid the church of clerical dissenters, the revolution must succeed. These guys sincerely believe they are are doing the work of the Holy Spirit. They are true believers. To quote the Blues Brothers, “We’re on a mission from God!” All attempts, therefore, to effect a negotiated reconciliation within the Episcopal Church will and must fail. Two very different religions—at least two!—now inhabit one institutional body.”

    I have followed this here a great deal. There was rumors that a Anglican sort of rite on the Australian modle might happen in the Catholic Church. That idea has sort of died down and I wonder if some Anglo Catholics realize that will not be happening.

  2. Schütz says:

    Dear Anon,

    I can recommend you reading the paper given by local celebrity, Monsignor Peter Elliott, to the Forward in Faith movement in the Anglican Church here in Melbourne recently. You will find it at:


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