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I want to welcome all the new readers to Sentire Cum Ecclesia who have joined us since Sacramentum Caritatis came out. [A hint to other Catholic Bloggers out there: When a new and long awaited papal document is due out, be sure to be one of the first to blog on it: Google will lead people by the millions (well, hundreds anyway) to your page.] Readership has more than doubled since Tuesday 13th, with the last two days peaking at 95 a day. I know that’s chickenfeed compared to Amy Welborn or Rocco Palmo, but it humbles me to think that there are so many of you out there who really want to know what I’m thinking!

[Reader: No it doesn’t. Be honest. You love it.
Schütz: Is it that obvious? Oh, all right, I admit it. It’s a major ego trip for me.]

New readers may not be aware that not only does the marvellous technology of the Blog enable you to see right into my head, but you can look right into my SOUL as well by going to Year of Grace, my “Conversion Retro-Blog” of the time that I call “The Difficulties”: Easter 2000-Easter 2001–the year of my conversion from Lutheran Pastor to Catholic Layman. During all that time, I kept a regular journal (I didn’t know about blogging back then). Now I am posting it as if it were a regular blog, with the result that you can actually see blow by blow how it happened.

I have just put up a new entry. If you head over to Year of Grace, you will find the latest entry listed at the top. If you haven’t visited before, and you want to read the whole thing, you have to read it backwards (like a blog, rather than a book). You can do this easily with the archive list on the left hand side which has the entries in chronological order. I hope it is of benefit to those of you out there who may be having similar “difficulties”, and for those of you who are already Catholics, I hope it strengthens your faith to see what treasures the Catholic Church has.

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