New Entry in Year of Grace

For those following my conversion retro-blog “Year of Grace”, this is just an announcement that another section of the diary I kept between Easter 2000 and Easter 2001 has been posted.

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2 Responses to New Entry in Year of Grace

  1. Dixie says:


    I have been so enjoying the chronologs of your journey to the RCC. While you and I did not end up in the same place (Rome / Constantinople)…the struggles of the journey have a characteristic sameness. I can’t pretend that my struggles remotely compare to being a pastor and leaving one’s ministry AND means of financial support for the family. But I did barely hold on to my job by a thread while I was preoccupied with these things. Good thing I had a lot of successful history with the company and an understanding, competent staff. All glory to God!

    And then my poor husband…

    Nonetheless…all of it was worth every bit of angst, preoccupation and fear to be where I am. I suspect you feel the same way.

  2. Schütz says:

    I agree with you, Dixie, that conversion accounts (whether to the Catholic or the Orthodox faith) do bear a kind of “sameness”. You get this after listening to EWTN’s Journey Home series for a little while. Strangely, when it is happening to us, we think: this is totally unique–no-one has ever had this experience before, and then afterwards we discover that we are walking a road that has been travelled by (is it too much to say?) millions.

    And for anyone in any station in life, there is suffering in committment to discipleship. Any conversion that does not encompass at least a little bit of martyrdom is, I think, perhaps less a conversion of one’s heart to the objective reality of the Truth, than an attempt to find an environment in which one can live out the individual “lifestyle” one has already chosen.

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