More Cardinal Schönborn on Science and Faith

Do you reckon it would be too much for the Italians to have TWO German popes in a row? Probably. Otherwise, surely Cardinal Christoph Schönborn would be a shoe-in for the next conclave. Even if our current beloved pontif lived to be ninety or more, Schönborn would still be only in his late seventies. Definitely “papabile”, as they say. But then there there is the fact that he is German. Oh well. Stranger things have happened.

Down to business. I have very much enjoyed reading the good Cardinal’s catechesis on Creation and Evolution. I understand that some day they will be all gathered together for publication–in ENGLISH. For the moment, we content ourselves with having only six of these sermons translated, but they are uniformally excellent.

1. Creation and Evolution: To the Debate as It Stands
2. “In the Beginning God Created…”
3. “He created each thing according to its kind”
4. “He upholds the universe by His word and power”
5. “You govern all things…”: Suffering in a World Guided by God
6. “What is Man that Thou are Mindful of Him? Is man really the “crown of creation?”

The rest may all be found at

But then there is also his excellent essay in First Things from the past:
The Designs of Science”

And now there is a new essay: “Reasonable Science, Reasonable Faith”. This is, as they say, good stuff. A teaser:

One thing should be clear, and it requires a frankly theological explication: Let us not be excessively hasty in wanting to demonstrate “intelligent design” everywhere as a matter of apologetics. Like Job, we do not know the answer to suffering and chaos. We have been given only one answer—but that from God himself: The Logos, through whom and in whom everything was created, has assumed flesh; the cross is the key to God’s plan and decisions. As important and indispensable as renewed effort in matters of natural philosophy may be, the Word from the cross is God’s final Wisdom. For through his holy cross, he has reconciled the entire world. And the cross is the gate to the Resurrection.

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