Pretty Pictures of our two new Bishops: Elliott and Costelloe

There are some very pretty pictures of the ordination of our two new Melbourne auxiliary bishops, Peter Elliott and Tim Costelloe, on the Archdiocesan website. It was a marvellous show on Friday night (yes, I do mean a “show”–there’s nothing like the Catholic Church when it comes to grand liturgical productions–except perhaps the Orthodox–but that’s more like a chamber orchestra compared to the Catholic symphony productions!).

The pictures are here and were taken by John Casamento. Take especial note of pictures 1 and 46. The weather conditions around the Cathedral on Friday night can accurately be described as “atmospheric”. One almost expected it to snow!

Joining me for the evening were Pastor Fraser Pearce of the “epistolae obscurorum virorum” blog, Arabella (who often comments on these pages), and a young RMIT Journalism student currently considering the Catholic Church. To the latter I was able to say “Look and see: Here is the Catholic Church!”. Quotable quote for the night goes to Arabella, who was heard to say (at the anointing–see photo 26) “It’s like basting a chook, isn’t it?”.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have long appreciated the writings of Bishop Elliott.

    Deo gratias!

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