Wii Pray?

Tonight we set up Mia’s new “Wii” machine on the telly. She has been saving for it herself, and has finally reached the required figure thanks to birthday gifts towards her efforts. So we all had a bit of fun designing the “Mii’s” before it was time for prayers, stories and bed.

One of the girls made the comment that “we should have a prayers program for the Wii”.

“I wonder if there is such a thing,” I said, having no idea if the Americans had not come up with just that. So I googled “Wii Prayers” to see what came up and hit this. It is, of course, a hoax, but we did have a bit of a giggle!


Boston, Mass., November 17, 2009 – Prayer Works Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of Mass: We Pray, a revolutionary videogame that allows families to go to church every day from the comfort of their own home. After all, a family shouldn’t have to wait until Sunday to worship the Lord.

Mass: We Pray is the first of many worship-themed games in development for Prayer Works Interactive. Just like with any videogame, families can use a television as a monitor to play. Then, they can use the CROSS, a proprietary, wireless, cross-shaped controller to participate in 24 unique and exhilarating rituals. Make the Sign of the Cross, sprinkle Holy Water, take Collection and even give Holy Communion. Every motion and nuance of a blessing or ritual is detected in three dimensions and replicated on-screen.

As they play, gamers collect Grace points. Then they can trade them in to unlock the Holy Mysteries. It’s entertaining, educational and enlightening.

To get off the couch and into the action, add the KNEELER, a pressure-sensitive accessory that allows gamers to kneel or genuflect just as they would in Church.

To extend the experience even further, download the Seven Sacraments and Holy Rituals Expansion Pack featuring: Ash Wednesday, Confession, Holy Procession, Transubstantiation and much, much more.

According to the founders of Prayer Works Interactive, “Families shouldn’t be scared of videogames. Just like television and radio before that, it’s not the medium that’s dangerous; it’s how you use it. Mass: We Pray is proof that videogames can be used to spread the Good Word.”

Don’t miss this revolutionary launch, coming Easter 2010. Visit masswepray.com for more information.

With Mass: We Pray, you can bring your family closer. To Heaven.

About Prayer Works Interactive

Prayer Works Interactive is a new game-development company founded in Boston in 2007. We believe there is a lack of quality games based upon traditional family values. Our mission is to fill that void by creating engaging, top-quality games that entertain, inspire and bring families closer to the Lord. Our first game is Mass: We Pray, but look for many more in the months to come.

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