Off the air for a week

I will be “off air” for about a week. I am taking time off from work and from blogging (no, the two are not the same!) to spend time with my family. That means I will miss all the excitement of the Motu Proprio–but I am sure that won’t stop you from reading the many good blogs that I have linked to in my side bar on the issue.

In a way it is a bit of a shame. The readership of the blog is at an all time high (about 120 a day–three times what it was six months ago) and Sentire Cum Ecclesia is about to get its 20,000th visit in the next few days. So.. make sure y’all come back in a week, y’hear?

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  1. John Weidner says:

    Have fun. We’ll be waiting for you…

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