20 most popular pages on SCE in 2011

Inspired by our expat friend in Canada, I thought I would take a look at my WordPress.com stats (using the Jetpack plugin) for my blog for the last 12 months to see which posts received the highest views. Here are the top twenty below (the highest, is, of course, the home page coming in at a healthy 45,000):



Home page 45,009
An Open Letter to Fr Bob Maguire 874
On Papal Primacy and the Independence of Bishops 851
Jesus invites all to repent and “Come Home” 755
Does the Catholic faith require that the father is the chief breadwinner of the family? 593
Church’s revamp of Mass sparks rebellion of priests 501
Blessed John Paul II (Veeery Sooooon!) 456
The Curious Case of Fr Hunwicke 414
Who is Schütz? 413
The Royal Wedding Sermon 388
On the Perpetual Virginity of the Mother of God 378
In defence of annulments 375
The option to use the Apostles Creed 368
“Atheists don’t have no songs” 356
In the Good Friday Liturgy, Some Small Changes could make a Big Difference 349
Mary Ever Virgin: Catholics, Orthodox and Lutherans agree 320
“The Open Letter” and the Generational Gap 318
English translation of the Roman Missal: Archbishop Hart issues an update 312
An alternative Petition 299
The Sacred Language of the Church 294

What it shows is that the highest views were on those topics which are global, and which would come up with one were to do a google search on those topics. Of those which were more particular to SCE itself, two topics stand out, the post on “Does the Catholic faith require the father to be the breadwinner of the family” and (which scored even higher on a combined number of views) the posts on “the perpetual virginity of Mary”. I think in both these areas the usefulness of a blog such as this has been demonstrated. These are issues (admittedly, quite particular) which were in need of further discussion and exploration and the pooling of ideas and knowledge.

Thank you to all who contributed to these and the many other discussions “on the blog” in 2011. I hope that 2012 will be a profitable year for all of us at the Commentary Table. Pass the port please!

About Schütz

I am a PhD candidate & sessional academic at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. After almost 10 years in ministry as a Lutheran pastor, I was received into the Catholic Church in 2003. I worked for the Archdiocese of Melbourne for 18 years in Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations. I have been editor of Gesher for the Council of Christians & Jews and am guest editor of the historical journal “Footprints”. I have a passion for pilgrimage and pioneered the MacKillop Woods Way.
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  1. Adrian Sharp says:

    Thanks for the mention! Happy new year to you.

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