Brother John and Brother Kevin to address the Congregation

I must say that I find this rather bizarre: On Thursday 9th August, Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd will take the stage together for two and a half hours to address a gathering of Christians in Canberra. But wait, there’s more: the occasion will be live telecast to a church near you! We can’t even get Catholics to agree among themselves on political issues here!

It rather assumes that there is something called “the Christian vote” here in Australia. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are Christians who vote (in fact, all Australians do–its compulsory here in Australia), but…together on the same issue?

Given that they are both self-confessed Christians, I wonder what “Brother John” and “Brother Kevin” will have to say about the obligations of being a disciple of Jesus? I wonder if they will join hands and pray together? I wonder if either will say “Vote for me because I’m the better Christian” or “Vote for me because my party is the more Christian”?

I wonder if this isn’t really a very bad idea…

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