Jesus of Nazareth – the Search for a book

I note that many Australians (Marco included) have been having trouble getting a hold of the Pope’s book “Jesus of Nazareth”. I had mine on pre-publication order with one firm that still doesn’t have it in stock, but was able to find a copy early on at the Central Catholic Bookshop which got its hands on a few cartons (fallen off the back of a truck?). I am about half-way through it (reading interupted by Harry Potter VII, would you believe?) and am enjoying the simple pleasure of reading about a subject that is dear to the author’s heart and mine.

But spare a thought for the poor folk in the Congo–which seems even more isolated (just) than Australia.

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2 Responses to Jesus of Nazareth – the Search for a book

  1. Peter says:

    David, we have it on the shelf ready to send on your phone/internet order at, or 0296433660. Most phone orders are sent on the same day!


  2. Christine says:

    I purchased a copy on my vacation in July but I have yet to sit down and start reading.

    I am hoping others who have read it in part or in toto will share their thoughts on the book.

    From the bit I’ve perused I think I’m going to like it very much.

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