Finally, Deveny writes something I can agree with

Catherine Deveny is not my favourite journalist/comedian. Scratch that. I hate her. No, scratch that, that’s unchristian. I loathe absolutely everything she writes. (Hate the sin, love the sinner).

BUT AT LAST, she says something that I can truly agree with. In a column in today’s edition of The Age, entitled “We don’t want you any more, baby boomers. It’s time to go”, she makes the undeniably true (and even somewhat witty) statement:

The brave new world predicts that our children will be more likely to own a unicorn than their own home.

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2 Responses to Finally, Deveny writes something I can agree with

  1. eulogos says:

    Basically this sounds like envy, period.

    Some people have more money than she does. And she wants the government to do something about it. Well, tell your congressman, or whatever it is that you have in Australia. Low interest govt subsidized loans for first time homebuyers is a possible govt intervention. I bought my first house through such a program. (Baltimore City Pilot Mortgage Project).

    But don’t blame people just because they are of a certain age! As far as news commentators go, argue with their opinions, or don’t watch their shows. And, in the church, which is what the blogger here is thinking about, we have to pray, remain charitable, and try to remember what the life experiences were of the folks who are now the church’s aging liberals. I am that age, but not one of the latter, because I am a convert from radical unbelief and don’t share the experience of those who grew up in the church in that era.

    And never say you are just waiting for those folks to die. Back in the 70’s and 80’s the church liberals used to say that about “the people who can’t accept the changes in the church.” Wasn’t nice then, isn’t nice now.

    Susan Peterson

  2. LYL says:

    It’s not nice, but it is funny! hehehe.

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