"The Village"

Apropos of nothing, I saw a good film on the telly last night that made quite an impression on me, called “The Village”. Apparently when it opened in the cinemas in 2004 it got bad ratings (see the Wikipedia entry–but not if you want to avoid plot spoilers)–one star from one reviewer. Yet the writer and director, M. Night Shyamalan, is the same bloke who directed “The Sixth Sense”, with its surprising plot twist at the end. “The Village” has plot twists all the way through it–so I seriously suggest to you that you go out and borrow it from the video shop before reading too much about it. I can recommend (if you want a taste of what its like) the list of quotations from the film at the IMDb.com site–just don’t read the very last one, which will give the plot away.

It is a very clever film–I would give it 4 stars–and beautifully written and photographed. It is truly terrifying at times, but turns out to be about love and innocence and simplicity. If you didn’t watch it last night, I highly recommend going out and borrowing it.

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