Been Unfriended Recently?

I am currently going through my Facebook page – WHICH I NEVER USE – and removing a whole lot of “friends”. If you got removed from my “friends” list, don’t take it personally. If you are reading this blog, you are my friend. If you don’t read my blog… you’re spending too much time on Facebook!

About Schütz

I am a PhD candidate & sessional academic at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. After almost 10 years in ministry as a Lutheran pastor, I was received into the Catholic Church in 2003. I worked for the Archdiocese of Melbourne for 18 years in Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations. I have been editor of Gesher for the Council of Christians & Jews and am guest editor of the historical journal “Footprints”. I have a passion for pilgrimage and pioneered the MacKillop Woods Way.
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6 Responses to Been Unfriended Recently?

  1. Peter says:

    Could not agree more David!
    Two things I never do-
    1.Watch reality TV
    2.Spend time on social media.

  2. Matthias says:

    david i shut my facebook down after my daughter returned from European vacation. She travelled with her best friend- who went to Avila College here in melbourne -and they were at a Papal audience in a hall in Rome. She put that on facebook too.
    I shut mine because i started getting dating offers from desperate young women in Brisbane and Russia- they must be blind.
    I had a student tell me that she was drunk one night whilst on facebook and i said no she was on “offherFacebook”

  3. Sharon says:

    I too have a Facebook account which I almost never use. I do wish they would change “friends” to the more accurate “acquaintences”.

    • Schütz says:

      Indeed! There is no “middle ground” on facebook. You either “like” or “dislike” something, and everyone is either your best friend or your enemy!

  4. Hannah says:

    I think I have a FB account but I dont think I know how to use it, as for friends? yeah right!

  5. Having a long and distinguished membership of minority groups I have to confess to not only having a Facebook page but also using it on a regular basis.

    I don’t publish much in the way of my personal dietary habits or vivid descriptions of my dream life. However I do find it an amazing forum for networking and sharing my photography, much of which is social documentary work.

    I don’t think we were ever FB ‘friends” David, and I was not too surprised to see our one common friend. I have several clergy ‘friends” going to the rank of Archbishop. My political friends also represent a diverse spectrum of opinion. Are they “friends” or acquaintances”? It’s not a real issue in the global village. But be very careful of typos or you may be labelled an ‘errorist” (not mine but it tickles the funny bone)

    Social media has changed the way we think about “feed” and “friends” but that’s the wonder of language isn’t it? After all I have been included in greetings as “friends” by people as diverse as George Cardinal and John Howard, neither of whom I have invited to my FB community. I have “liked” some pages just so I could exercise my intention to “unlike” them. Power to my keyboard I say!!

    Social media is here and you are not obliged to use it. However those who use it for building social networks and sharing ideas are continuing a long and honourable tradition of communication.

    And, yes, I do meet up with “friends” from my Facebook page. So, I won’t send you an “Add Friend” David, and will keep your tab live in my windows here so I can can see your “feeds”

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