Funny Cats

Do I need an excuse for this blog entry? I have two:

1) Like the Holy Father, I am a cat lover.

2) Just as it is a fun pastime to put captions to funny pictures of the Holy Father (a sport that is much enjoyed by the Catholic blogging community) so it is fun to put funny captions to funny pictures of cats.

The upshot of which is that there is something very cat-like about the Holy Father.

Here’s the Link to . A warning: the very last one on page five is not suitable to show your children. Some of the others might require passing over quickly…

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One Response to Funny Cats

  1. Christine says:

    What an adorable photo! I, too love cats (with the caveat that I also love dogs but don’t tell the cats!)

    Yes, there is something “cat-like” about Benedict XVI.

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