Brian Coyne replies to David Schütz

I wondered what sent SCE’s readership through the roof yesterday, and went hunting. Seems I have Brian Coyne to thank once more for promoting my site. Cheers Brian!

You will note that Brian has issued me an invitation:

If you’d like to respond to this invitation and write a contribution basically explaining, or defending, what seems to be your principal commandment of “to think with the Church” I’d be most happy to publish anything you have to write and if it leads to a higher profile for your blog then I’ll be most pleased for you.

I hereby accept that invitation and will begin penning something just as soon as I have done some work today. Anything to get more hits on my blog (yes, I am vain, I admit it).

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  1. Dixie says:

    (yes, I am vain, I admit it)

    Ah…the bane of blogdom. You don’t know how many times I have wanted to eliminate that little sitemeter counter but my need for attention won’t let me. I make up all kinds of excuses as to why the meter is “really necessary”…but in my heart…I know it is not.

    Someday…maybe. Lord have mercy.

    In the mean time…here’s to you and more hits on your counter!

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