Another wonderful day in the company of Rev. Dr Ian Ker (pronounced "Car")

I mentioned in a previous blog my pleasure at meeting Fr Ian Ker from Oxford University. He is here as guest lecturer of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family, and today he gave a short address at the Caroline Chisholm Library introducing his new book “Mere Catholicism”.

Following this enjoyable hour of conversation, eight of us went out to lunch. We were 2 priests (Fr Ker and Fr Greg Pritchard of Chelsea), 2 Krohns (Anna, the hon. librarian at CCL, and her husband Anthony), 2 Lutheran Pastors (Dr Adam Cooper of Geelong and Pastor Fraser Pearce of Bendigo) and 2 Catholic lay-bloggers, myself and (to my great pleasure at making our mutual aquaintance) none other than Athanasius, who comments regularly on this blog and has his own blog, The Regensburg Conspiracy.

Anthony Krohn took us to a very nice little Italian restaurant in the legal quarter of the City (he being a barrister). Fr Ker was as delighted to meet the Lutherans (“I can’t stop looking at you both–I’ve never met a Lutheran pastor before!”) as they were to meet him.

I intend to read Fr Ker’s book, “Mere Catholicism”, and do a review of it for our diocesan rag, The Kairos. So in due time, I will give you the details and the link.

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