How is blogging like smoking a pipe?

You do it less when you are really busy.

And I have been busy of late. Early mornings followed by late evenings.

Yesterday began with the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at 7:30am in the ACU chapel. Fr Lawrence Cross (Russian rite) was the chief celebrant, with Serge Kelleher (Ukrainian), Chris Gardiner (Franciscan) and Columba Stewart (Benedictine) as concelebrators.

A busy day of papers, to many to number, but most appreciated was from Deacon Anthony Gooley of the Brisbane Archdiocese on the Universal and Local Church.

Ended the day with Vespers at the Orthodox Mission in Spring Street. Went with an Orthodox participant in the conference (she is married to a Catholic), and a young Catholic student of St Maximas the Confessor (his thesis was marked by Dr Adam Cooper) from Tassie.

Ended? Well not quite. Then on to hear Dr Alister McGrath speak on the Dawkins’ Delusion at St Barnabas’ Anglican Church in Glen Waverly. About 500 present for a very good night. He is a clear speaker and I find him most agreeable. He went a little wobbly when one interlocutor asked about the evils that the Catholic Church perpetrates by not allowing condoms (he said he agreed although he understands the Church’s objection)–however later he was arguing for more understanding of natural law (saying that if we had had that 100 years ago, perhaps the Nazis wouldn’t have had the success they did). All he needs to do is connect the dots.

So it was very late when I arrived home. A busy day, but I did get in a short puff on the pipe between sessions!

And now it is very early and I have managed to get in a short blog too. 7:45 am again, and once again off to the Divine Liturgy and another day of papers! The day will end with Cathy and I attending Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev’s “St Matthew’s Passion” in St Patrick’s Cathedral tonight at 8:30pm. I believe there are still some tickets available.

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