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I recently broke a “cast iron rule” I made for myself when I first began blogging. I blogged on an issue directly related to work. That blog entry is gone. I removed it of my own volition.

However the issues raised by that blog remain valid. In that entry, I said that “the loony right can use the ‘hermeneutic of rupture’ just as effectively as the dissendent left”. I characterised that argument as follows:

The Pope has done “a, b, and c”, which shows that he is fallible and in error, therefore we will continue doing “x, y and z” despite what he says, because we are right and he is wrong.

I argued that

the Catholic Centre is between the Dissendent Left and the Traditionalist Right–ie. those Catholics who remain faithful to the teaching magisterium of the Bishops in communion with the Successor of Peter.

I remain of that opinion. But I apologise to all and sundry who felt that in my original (now deleted) entry I had calumnised them in any way. And I certainly retract any suggestion that I may have made of duplicity on the part of anyone involved in the original incident. I am sure all acted in good faith. I am still of the mind that the result was, however, regrettable.

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  1. Christine says:

    I loved Father Neuhaus’ book The Catholic Moment. Father’s journey to the Catholic Church was an inspiration for my own.

    His observations concerning the left/right paradigms are spot on.


    The silly season is almost over, although elements of the discontinuant right find it useful to generate outrage by pretending that it is still in full swing.

    Garry Wills/The SSPX
    Patrick Buchanan/Richard McBrien

    It’s all the same brew.

    The center still does indeed hold. I will remain in communion with the Holy Father, and I appreciate this Holy Father very much.

  2. Moretben says:

    I continue to believe your paradigm false, but spoken like a gentleman anyway.

  3. Moretben says:

    Garry Wills/The SSPX
    Patrick Buchanan/Richard McBrien

    It’s all the same brew.

    Facile and unhelpful.

  4. Christine says:

    Facile and unhelpful it may be but I agree with Father Neuhaus’ assessments.

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