Thank you, Marco!

What are friends for? Quite unknown to me, Mr Marco (we can’t call him Fr Marco any more) has done the following good deed:

I have nominated Herr Schutz for the Blogger’s Choice Awards in the category of Best Religion Blog. It is the best Australian Catholic blog and deserves some recognition. He adds to the mix of the discussion rather than sitting on the sidelines throwing stones.

Isn’t he nice? You can be nice too, by going to the Blogger Choice Awards website and adding your vote!

By the way, the voting at the moment is for next year (2008). Last year’s top three were The Cafeteria is Closed (11 votes), Ask Sister Mary Martha (6 votes), and Stand Firm (1 vote)–so the competition wasn’t stiff.

This year will be a little harder. The very deserving Fr Z. is out in front with a whopping 48 votes, followed by The Hermeneutic of Continuity (12 votes), The Cafeteria is Closed again (this time with 11 votes already) tying with Sister Mary Martha (also with 11 votes), and then a heavenly host of follow ups with 2 or 1 vote (including yours truly). So get in there folks! I don’t expect to top WDTPRS or Closed Cafeteria, but surely we can get an Australian blog somewhere there near the top?

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