Another Australian Saint? The more the merrier!

For some reason, most Catholic saints seem to have been born in Italy. God knows why… perhaps its something in the wine.

Well, we have plenty of good wine here in Australia, so I raise my glass to Clara Geoghegan (a regular reader of this blog) and her “Friends of Mrs Chisholm” in their attempts to draw Caroline Chisholm to the attention of the Italians in the Vatican.

Aside from being an Australian, she was (is?) a LAY person. Makes a change from all those founders of religious orders… And you can see why Clara is keen for this to happen–she is the coordinator of the Catherine of Sienna Called and Gifted program in the Melbourne Archdiocese.

Won’t it be nice when the Caroline Chisholm Library can be renamed the SAINT Caroline Chisholm Library?

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