Links for further reading on Philip Pullman and "His Dark Materials"

Here are some helpful links for those of you who want to follow up on the the whole Philip Pullman and Golden Compass thing:

The Golden Compass Agenda Unmasked
A full analysis available for a small fee from the Catholic League in the US

Dr. Perry Glanzer: Picking the Wrong Fight

Peter Hitchens, “This is the Most Dangerous Author in Britain”
(Peter–a Christian–is brother to atheist author Christopher Hitchens)

Why Philip Pullman wants to teach children about atheism (The Independant, 2 March 2006)

“Far From Narnia: Philip Pullman’s secular fantasy for children”. by Laura Miller

Gene Edward Veith: “Atheism for Kids”
Gene is a Lutheran author whom some of you will know

How Hollywood saved God
On changes to the film to make it less “anti-religious”

And by the man himself:
Philip Pullman “The Republic of Heaven”
This is essential reading

And Pullman in an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury

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