A thought from Rowland Croucher…

A local protestant minister, Dr Rowland Croucher, has a great little site called “John Mark Ministries” where you will find all sorts of stuff. In his latest email to subscribers, there was this little thought, which I thought was quite good.

Fundamentalism is “believing you have nothing to learn from an ‘other’ while believing the other has a lot to learn from you”. So there are Islamic fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists, Evangelical fundamentalists, and Liberal fundamentalists (eg. Jack Spong)etc.

You forgot Catholic fundamentalists, Rowland!

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  1. Rowland Croucher says:

    Good point David.

    There’s a fundamentalist tinge to every ideology. There’s Jewish fundamentalism (the Pharisees, in my view) and, yes, Catholic fundamentalism.

    In a little article I wrote I suggested that this approach is one of about thirteen which characterize all ideologies – religious and other…

    See Was Jesus a Christian? http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/9664.htm


    Rowland Croucher

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