An Interfaith picture

One of the things I enjoy about my job is getting to meet interesting people.

I had the pleasure of chairing a meeting of the Boroondara Interfaith Network on Tuesday 13th November, at the Hawthorn Town Hall.

The theme of the discussion was “Celebrations and Observances”, and the speakers were (left to right in the picture above) Vera Link (Jewish), Balam Lakshmanan (Hindu) and Gurdarshan Singh Gill (Sikh).

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  1. Past Elder says:

    Have you ever read the Sikh holy book?

    I had a Sikh landlady for three years, and she got me a copy.

    Interesting stuff. Sort of like monotheistic (from Islam?) Hinduism. Gets too often lost in the shuffle when the topic gets around to “world religion”.

    This was during the twenty some years when I bounced back and forth between trying to find anything Catholic about the post conciliar “Catholic” church and thinking Judaism (Orthodox, of course) must then have had it right all along.

    In that context, my landlady expressed great admiration for Mother Theresa, saying a holy person of any religion is good to have around as the benefit rubs off.

    Which also means, no need to change belief.

    I’d recommend reading Sikh scripture if you haven’t already.

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