"Anti-Culture of Death"

Has anyone else noticed that Pope Benedict XVI has been using the term “
Anti-culture of death” rather than John Paul II’s term “culture of death”?
He has done so repeatedly in his homilies (eg. at the Baptisms in the
Sistine Chapel) and again he has used this term now in the new encyclical.
It seems as if he is slightly adjusting the way we view the relationship
between this and the “Culture of Life”; as if to say, they are not two
opposite but true cultures, but rather that the “anti-culture of death” is
a false culture, destructive of anything that might rightly be called a
“culture” at all.

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  1. DREADNOUGHT says:

    I’ve noticed mate.

    You’re right, it seems Benny XVI uses the term ‘culture’ to describe something definitive, whereas JP the G employed it in a more expansive sense (i.e., I think he often meant ‘regime’ or perhaps ‘legislative tendency’ rather than ‘culture’ narrowly construed).

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