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Promoting Reverence, the Sacred and Beauty in Catholic Liturgy

Solemn Mass in the Modern Form/Use of the Roman Rite (Novus Ordo)
“ad orientem”, in Latin with Gregorian Chant
at St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Fitzroy North
On the last Sunday of each month.

Next Mass: Feast of Christ the King, Sunday, 25 November 2007 at 6pm

What: A new initiative has been launched to offer Mass celebrated in a way that more closely follows the teachings of the Second Vatican Council in its document Sacrosanctum Concilium. Solemn Mass in the Modern Form/Use of the one Roman Rite (the Novus Ordo) is celebrated in Latin, with Gregorian chant and in an “ad orientem” posture for the Liturgy of the Eucharist: where Priest and Congregation together face liturgical east toward the Tabernacle.

Why: Many people think that the Second Vatican Council mandated the removal of Latin and Gregorian chant in the Mass and required the Priest to face the people when saying Mass. However, the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium) mandated none of these things. It actually required that Latin and Gregorian Chant remain an essential part of the Mass and envisaged no change to the venerable tradition of the Priest and Congregation together facing the Tabernacle (“Liturgical East” or “ad orientem”).

This initiative of the Parish of St Brigid’s in conjunction with the Glorificamus Society seeks to answer the call of Cardinal Ratzinger, now His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, for a return to a greater sense of reverence, mystery, beauty and sacredness in the celebration of Holy Mass, by recovering these traditions of Latin, Gregorian chant and ad orientem posture.

When: These Masses are celebrated at 6pm on the last Sunday of each month. The eighth of these Masses will be offered on the Feast of Christ the King, on Sunday, 25 November 2007 at 6pm.

Where: St Brigid’s Catholic Church, 378 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North (Melways Map 2C Ref A4). All are most welcome to attend. Mass booklets with full Latin/English translations will be available for those without their own missals for this Form of the Roman Rite.

For more information: This initiative is supported by the Glorificamus Society for the renewal of Catholic Liturgy. Contact us at glorificamus@gmail.com for more information. You can keep up to date with Mass times and this initiative by visiting the Glorificamus webpage: http://glorificamus.blogspot.com/

We invite you pass on this notice to as many people as you can.
We look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends to these Masses.

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