Today's Editorial in The Age: The pot calling the kettle black…

“An objection that dare not speak its name”??? This is the header for today’s editorial in The Age. And what is this “name” that dare not be spoken? At the end of the editorial we find out that it is “Rank Hypocrisy”. And who is guilty of this “Rank Hypocrisy”? Why, none other than society’s most infamous hypocrites of all: THE CHRISTIANS!!!!

So what hypocritical crime are Christians being accused of this time? The crime of continuing to assert (in line with the belief and practice of all human societies since the day dot) that marriage is a partnership between a man and a woman.

Apparently Christian politicians are “reject[ing] same-sex unions because of their Christian beliefs”, which have no part in our “secular” society.

The editors at The Age pontificate that:

“They are free to hold to these beliefs personally; it is another matter to impose these through the law on everyone else.”

In other words, dear reader, these “senior federal politicians” are being labelled “rank hypocrites” because they wish to defend in practice what they believe in their hearts to be good, right, true and beneficial for Australian society.

Instead, The Age suggests, they ought to believe one thing in their hearts, and to act in a way that is completely contrary to their sincerely held beliefs in public.

Forgive me, but wouldn’t that make them even greater hypocrites than they currently are supposed to be?

Papa Benny was right: a purification of reason in the realm of political life is sorely needed.

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