Another "radical suggestion" for solving the priest shortage…

For those who think the only solutions for the current priest shortage are summed up in the “radical” suggestions of “that petition”, here is yet another truly radical suggestion, this time from the Congregation for Clergy.

John Allen reports that

As part of a broad initiative to promote Eucharistic adoration, the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy is proposing that religious women “spiritually adopt priests” through prayer before the Eucharist, and, more generally, that Catholics from every corner of the world spend time before the Eucharist to pray for vocations to the priesthood in an era of priest shortages.

Concretely, the Congregation for Clergy is proposing that each diocese appoint a priest whose full-time job would be to promote Eucharistic adoration, and that special “Eucharistic shrines” be created that would resemble the well-known Marian shrines that dot the Catholic world.

Moreover, these proposals are made in “a letter to all the bishops of the world, along with an accompanying leaflet outlining the project”.

In his letter, Hummes describes the aim of the new initiative as stimulating “a movement of prayer, placing 24-hour continuous Eucharistic adoration at the center, so that a prayer of adoration, thanksgiving, praise, petition and reparation will be raised to God, incessantly and from every corner of the earth, with the primary intention of awakening a sufficient number of holy vocations to the priestly state,” as well as promoting spiritual unity among those already ordained.

This is really getting “radical”, as the younger generation might say.

(The Letter from the Congregation for the Clergy may be found here and an “explanatory note” here)

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One Response to Another "radical suggestion" for solving the priest shortage…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello David,
    Whilst I like the idea of perpetual adoration and I believe all stops should be pulled out in order to remedy the priest shortage, I honestly dontly think that this is entirely the answer. The answer is stop abortion. Until we stop abortion the women’s wombs are violently emptied and the church pews are are violenbtly abandoned. Imagine some 30-40 million abortions per year and the priests and bihops and doctors, and scientists etc who are aborted and this since the last 30 years.
    god is giving us the vocations we are killing them. This is satans best trick yet, and the worst type of mockery because this satan has convinced the mothers of the children to take the children in to be killed. Hawah (Eve) the mother of all living is now offering child sacrifice (including priests) to the god moloch.
    I believe that the church is not looking at the abortion story in its essence which is “death” spiritual death.
    Abortion is a war against the human and God and the only being to wage that war using the human element is satan.
    Anyway just another thought.

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