Doctrinal Note on some Aspects of Evangelization

Well, you won’t find it on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith website, and only a summary was issued by VIS yesterday and included in Zenit, EWTN etc., BUT a bit of a google has found a PDF photocopy of the full 14 page document on the Website of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales. Cheers, Chaps. Jolly good show.

Now I can sit down, have my breakfast, unwrap The Age AND read the latest infallible pronouncement… (W.G. Ward eat your heart out.)

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2 Responses to Doctrinal Note on some Aspects of Evangelization

  1. Peregrinus says:

    Is there a certain irony in the fact that the CDW can’t get it together to publish their own document on evangelisation on their own website?

    This morning we also have the news that the Australian bishops are commissioning a national audit of the Australian Catholic media, to include the internet and new media. The potential of the internet as a tool for envangelisation is obviously considerable – I would think much more so, at this stage, than the print media.

  2. Schütz says:

    The covering letter to the statement on the English/Welsh website indicates that the document was to be officially published in L’Osservatore Romano on the 15th of December. Perhaps they think that is enough. If so, they thought wrong. Do we have to wait for L’OR to come online before reading it?

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