To all my Readers and Friends in Blog-world:

I wish you all a peace filled, rest filled, trust filled, joy filled, and above all Christ filled Christmas.

As usual, I will take a break from blogging during this holiday period to give my attention completely to my family. Don’t do anything controversial or newsworthy for the next week and a bit, will you? I wouldn’t want to miss it.

And for your Christmas meditation, two poems from our local Melbourne somewhat Catholic poet and cartoonist, Michael Luenig (that’s his Mr Curly Angel up above there with the teapot):

What did you get on your Christmas morn?
On the Christmas morn when you were born.
Did you get some milk, did you get some pain,
did you get some hurt that you can’t explain?
Did you get a star from high above?
Did you get the gaze of a mother’s love?
The spark that leaps from eye to eye
and twinkles ’til the day you die?
Oh what did we get on our Christmas morn
on the Christmas morn when we were born…?


Love is born
with a dark and troubled face
when hope is dead
and in the most unlikely place
love is born.
Love is always born.

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3 Responses to To all my Readers and Friends in Blog-world:

  1. Tom in Vegas says:

    I like these poems:0)

    Blessings and Happy New Year!


  2. Schütz says:

    Thanks for visiting Tom, and good to make your aquaintance. I have left a couple of links regarding in Leunig on your blog.

  3. Tom in Vegas says:


    Thank you for the visit and for the links. Happy and Blessed New Year!!


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