Now THIS I find interesting…

See here and here.

No more comment, because, as John O’Grady (aka “Nino Culotta”) wrote in the preface to his novel “They’re a weird mob”, I don’t want to get bricks thrown through my window.

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3 Responses to Now THIS I find interesting…

  1. John Weidner says:

    “They’re a weird mob”…That brings back memories. My parents brought a copy back from a trip to Australia sometime in the 60’s. It’s colored my view of Australia ever since.

    And then soon after, an Australian family visited us, and I remember us all sitting around, and the topic of Australian drinking habits came up. And the father said, “If we were in Australia, your dad and I would probably go out now and have one on the wood.” I’m still amazed.

  2. Schütz says:

    It’s a cultural classic. Of course, the point he was making about bricks in the preface is that he was an Australian of Irish ancestory pretending to write as a New Australia of Italian extraction (aka “a wog”). If some forms of cultural commentary was edgy in the 1960’s, it is even more so in the 21st Century, when there are some things you just don’t speculate on publically. I do speculate, however, on the topic of these articles.

  3. Victoria says:

    As Sgt Schultz would say, “Verrry interesting.”

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