Is it just me, or are the Pope's mitres getting bigger?

The Cooees guys usually look after this sort of thing, but it has occured to me that the papal mitres are getting bigger. Not since the days of Paul VI

(and the 33 days of John Paul I) have mitres of these dimensions been seen on the papal noggin.

But now here comes a completely new look, the “Reform of the Reform” look–mixing the plain style in vogue since Vatican II with the gigantic proportions in vogue previously.

(Don’t forget to smile, your Holiness)

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2 Responses to Is it just me, or are the Pope's mitres getting bigger?

  1. Joshua says:

    Ah, but surely, David, the last mitre pictured is simply a plain mitre (mitra simplex) – I assume the picture is of HH at Santa Sabina for the Day of Ashes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This has happened since Marini Mach II moved into the vatican from Genoa last November. The papal mitres are just part of the liturgical vestment changes that have occured and especially the one shown that Paul VI and John Paul I both wore. They look as though they will tip over and Ben XVI will have to watch that he does not moved his head around too much or it will fly off.
    They look so awkward compared to the lower-height mitres that JPII had worn so well and which looked smart and neat on the papal cranium.
    But Marini seems to be making his presence felt in many of these matters and BXVI is going along with it.
    Test will be in USA in April and Australia in July – will there be new tall or short mitres for those apostolic voyages?
    Watch this space for more…..
    In nomine decorum…

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