Luther Lecture in course on Christian Mysticism

I was delighted when asked recently to give a two hour lecture on “Luther and the Pietists” as part of a course run by our Archdiocesan School of Prayer called “Christian Mysticism”. The course gives an overview of Eastern, Latin, Protestant, Counter Reformation and contemporary Christian mysticism and prayer traditions.

If you click here, you can download the power point presentation I gave. I really do love Luther still very much (I describe myself as a Lutheran in communion with the bishop of Rome) and mainly for his his understanding that God truly reveals himself in hidden ways.

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2 Responses to Luther Lecture in course on Christian Mysticism

  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the PowerPoint!

    But why no amusing pictures or YouTubes – such as the chicken dance you posted way back… ;-)

  2. L P Cruz says:


    You have been in my mind lately. You confirm my observation of people who convert from one denom to another and btw I am no exception to that.

    But really, you may have left Lutheranism but Lutheranism has not left you.

    This is exactly what I observe others leaving EO/RCC and becoming Lutheran.

    They might have left Rome but Rome has not left them.

    So since I am also an ex-Penty, I am too aware too that my Pentecostlaism might have not left me yet.

    It takes time.


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