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I have blogged a bit on Sing Lustily, my music blog, and was getting ready to add another entry on a recent reference Benedict made to Taize music. I could have sworn that the reference was in his Q&A session with the Roman priests, but I can’t find it there. Can anyone help me out?

Today I attended a prayer session at Wesley Uniting Church with Br Ghislain from Taize. He is on one of his regular visits to our part of the world, and will be back again for WYD in Sydney. We had a hour or so for Taize prayer accompanied by some very bad recorder playing (I’m allowed to say that without offending anyone since I was the offender).

Br Ghislain included a reading of Br Alois’ most recent letter. It is worth reading. I think there has been something of a swing to the Catholic and a swing to the theological in emphasis since Br Alouis took over writing these letters from his venerable predecessor.

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