Muslims, Muslims and more Muslims…

That seems to be about my life at the moment. You can check out reports on two major events that we held here in the Archdiocese together with the Australian Intercultural Society on the Commission Newsblog: the First Catholic Muslim Youth Friendship Night and the Commemoration of the Noble Birth of the Prophet (pictures and even a bit of video to watch, plus you can download my presentation at the Noble Birth on the Servanthood and Submission of Jesus).

It has been very hot here in Melbourne–the hottest Holy Week ever?–with a series of days over 35 degrees celsius. Cool change due tomorrow. I mention this because I visited a Malaysian Muslim co-worker, and was treated to a very welcome glass of cold orange juice and plate of fruit. My friend was suffering from gout. Which just goes to prove that alcohol cannot be the cause of that particular complaine.

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