Caption competition

Okay folks. Enough overload for now. I will leave you with this wonderful picture of the man Rocco Palmo likes to call “Fluffy”, and we know and love simply as Papa Benny. Thanks to Rocco, from whose pages I nicked this one.

Now all we need is a good caption.

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2 Responses to Caption competition

  1. Fr. J. says:

    Has anybody seen a gold aspergilium?

  2. Schütz says:

    Just for those of you who want to know:

    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    An aspergillum and silver ewer of holy water (Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew, Dallas, Texas).An aspergillum (less commonly, aspergilium or aspergil) is a liturgical implement used to sprinkle holy water. It comes in two common forms: a brush that is dipped in the water and shaken, and a perforated ball at the end of a short handle. Some have sponges or internal reservoirs that dispense holy water when shaken, while others must be dipped in an aspersorium (holy water bucket) periodically.

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