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Wanted: A Priest/Parish to "Sing the Mass"

I recently attended a Hindu-Catholic conversation on chanting. Hindus, of course, have maintained a very ancient form of chant that forms an integral part of their prayer and spirituality. The Catholic who presented on our behalf, a priest, brought along … Continue reading

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Reading the Junkmail

…can sometimes be like reading Tarot cards or tea leaves. Here are the only two articles to arrive in my post box at home yesterday: Is that spooky, or what? I have written to Jo Tenner, and to James Merlino … Continue reading

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Fr Lombardi's "Reformation Day" message

Lutheran readers of this blog will be aware that we have not only celebrated All Saints Day this week, but also “Reformation Day”, the anniversary of the nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. Somewhat … Continue reading

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"The Priesthood of All Believers"

In the “On the Square” column of the First Things website, Peter Leithard has an article on the Lutheran doctrine of “the Priesthood of All Believers”. It is quite a good read, and I think that even Catholic readers will … Continue reading

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"That's sooooo 20th Century."

Have you heard that one yet? It’s becoming the latest put down. It’s “like, get with it, man” for the 21st Century. CD’s are 20th Century. Blackberrys are 20th Century. Being opposed to physician assisted suicide is 20th Century… Well, … Continue reading

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Indulgence Season

…is now open. For the Indulgences for the Faithful Departed, available from 1 to 8 November, see here. Of course, this is a contentious issue ecumenically. Yesterday was celebrated as the Festival of the Reformation in the Lutheran Church, because … Continue reading

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"It's not my building, its God's".

Well, that isn’t quite the quote, I admit, but it could have been said. I am referring to an excellent article in Saturday’s edition of The Age called “Mad, bad or masterful?” by Ray Edgar on La Sagrada Familia, the … Continue reading

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Your Vote, Your Values

Coming out this weekend in all parishes in Victoria is a joint statement from the Catholic diocesan bishops of Victoria, Archbishop Denis Hart (Archbishop of Melbourne), and Bishops Peter Connors (Ballarat), Joseph Grech (Sandhurst), and Christopher Prowse (Sale) called “Your … Continue reading

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Our St Mary: More likely to pray for vocations than to challenge for women "priests"

Dr Laura Beth Bugg (a lecturer in sociology of religion at the University of Sydney) writes in the Sydney Morning Herald: This past week a woman was ordained a Catholic priest in Canada. The church did not sanction her ordination, … Continue reading

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Taking your (Greek) bible to Church

It is a regular practice for protestants to take not only their hymnal but also their bibles to church with them on Sunday – although these days there are usually “pew bibles” (ie. copies of the bible in the pews … Continue reading

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