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I have been very impressed with the new version of Sherlock Holmes that has been showing on Channel Nine (BBC One “Sherlock”). I caught only the last one on the telly on Sunday night, and have watched the first episode … Continue reading

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Cute, and helpful, even if misdirected

Today’s cartoon in The Australian is cute, but a little misdirected. I don’t think it is the Lutherans of Woodside that are making all the noise against the proposed assylum seeker processing centre (Woodside was not one of the 19th … Continue reading

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What Ho, Fr Denton! Rector of Domus Australis!

Oh, I say. Talk about falling on your feet! Fr Anthony Denton, our one time Vocations Director here in the glorious See of Melbourne, has been dubbed the first “Rector of Domus Australis“. “Fr Denton is currently completing a doctorate … Continue reading

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Another significant new Cardinal

Sandro Magister correctly predicted one of the Cardinals in the latest announcement: ROME, October 14, 2010 – In Sri Lanka, the bishops and priests dress all in white, as can be seen in the unusual photograph above: with the entire … Continue reading

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"Progressive, rational, independent"… and wrong

Tony Smith (who “holds a PhD in political science. He has taught at several universities including the University of Sydney”), in the October 15 edition of Eureka Street writes a piece about the religious beliefs of New South Wales Premier, … Continue reading

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As if we needed proof…

…that our Western society cannot handle saints. According to this report in the Herald Sun, Zoo Magazine (called a “men’s magazine” – which is even more insulting to men than calling “New Idea” a “women’s magazine”) has dealt with the … Continue reading

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Historian Cardinal

Among the new cardinals announced by Pope Benedict XVI for the November 24 consistory is a priest who is over 80 (and therefore not entitled to vote in a papal election), Monsignor Walter Brandmüller, former president of the Pontifical Committee … Continue reading

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I was a stranger and you welcomed me

I have been a little dismayed in the last 24 hours listening to the angry words of Woodside residents in South Australia reacting to the Federal Government’s announcement that disused military accomodation in the Adelaide Hills will be used as … Continue reading

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Listen to the Chants of the New Missal!

My friend Paul Taylor drew my attention to this page from the US National Association of Pastoral Musicians. Here you can listen to the singing of the chants for the new English missal (unfortunately, no Credo). A great learning resource!

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Truth is dispensible if it makes you feel guilty

There is a breathtaking article in the Herald Sun today. Here it is with [my comments]: No shame in aborting unborn life Susie O’Brien From: Herald Sun October 19, 2010 CHOOSING to terminate a pregnancy is better than ending up … Continue reading

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