First time Commentators click here before posting!

If this is your fist time visiting SCE, and you want to join the Commentary Table (ie. you want to leave a comment in the combox to a post), you are most welcome!

Please note, however, that the first time you post a comment, your comment will be kept for moderation by me before appearing. When I approve your comment, WordPress places the name and email combination on its list of pre-approved commentators. So, effectively, you get approval as a regular member of the Commentary Table.

Therefore, for my own private information, and for my protection, I always ask first time commentators to email me with the following information:

1) your real name
2) Your general geographic location
3) your religious background.

These are personal questions, I know, but I wish to establish a relationship of trust with my commentators. This information will be kept confidential by me as a sign of that trust.

My email is:


Please read this post on my blog about How to be nice on this blog. It’s the rules. If you break them, you will be barred as a commentator.

I look forward to you joining us for a glass of port at the SCE table!