The Aussie Camino

The Aussie Camino is a pilgrimage route running from Portland in Victoria to Penola in South Australia, envisioned and pioneered by Luke Mills and inspired by the life and journeys of Australia’s Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop and her mentor Fr Julian Tenison Woods.

It overlaps part of the MacKillop-Woods Way, a more extensive pilgrimage route that was the brain-child of Sean Deany.

The Aussie Camino is managed and promoted by Luke Mills. For more information on the Aussie Camino, please see

In April 2014 I was a part of the first group that Luke took on this trail. I repeated the experience later in December 2014 and in April 2015.

For my journals of the April 2014 journey, please click here.

Luke Mills did a TV interview about the Camino for Channel 31 program “Spirit of Life”. You can find it here: