Catherine Deveny meets Richard Dawkins

…and they are in lurrrvvve. It would be a match made in heaven if they believed in such a place.

No, “Deveny meets Dawkins” isn’t the latest shmock horror film to hit our shores, it’s Deveny’s review published in today’s edition of the “The Age” of “Root of all evil? The God Delusion” documentary to screen tomorrow night at 9:30pm on the ABC.

Of course, this is Deveny’s first “close encounter” with the man whom she adoringly introduces as

a scientist and passionate atheist who has produced a stunning, thoroughly researched and expertly executed work that flatly denies the existence of God and illustrates what a destructive force religion is.

We cannot expect that she has read the book. Her review does not even suggest that she is aware that the book exists. After just having had a discussion with my eldest daughter about the way in which “the film” always chops up and dumbs down “the book”, it is somewhat surreal to read such a gushing review of a film made about a book whose argumentation was pretty poor to begin with.

So, what, for Deveny, is the best bit about Dawkins’ documentary? The fact that he agrees with her. That he says exactly what she has always thought, but in a way that seems much more clever than she could ever say it. And that he–being “a Scientist” (ooh, aah and other sighs of awe) whereas she is only a comedian and part-time journalist–says it with much greater authority and with that “glorious” Oxford accent. But they both have the sneering and the smuggness down pat.

In case you think that Dawkins is just “preaching to the converted” (Deveny tells us), this documentary will “actually convert fence-sitters with truth and reason.” Truth and reason? Yeah, right. Funny how “truth and reason” mean one thing for the admirers of Richard Dawkins and a completely different thing for the admirers of Pope Benedict.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Dawkins has at least been preaching to one convert. Here are a few of the adjectives Deveny uses for Dawkins’ documentary: “stunning”, “expertly researched”, “entertaining”, “brilliant”, “intoxicating”, “masterful”…

Yes, dear readers, there is romance in the air. And I think Cathering Deveny is full of it.

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