When Too Much Pope Is Hardly Enough: Benedict in France

What a stack of stuff has eminated from the Holy Father’s trip to France for the 150th Celebrations at Lourdes. I haven’t had a chance to read any of it yet, but I am putting aside my current reading to churn through it. Looks like there might well be some very good stuff there. Here is Zenit’s listing:

Papal Message Ahead of France Trip [2008-09-10]”I Go As a Messenger of Peace and Fraternity”

Pope’s Message to Expo on Water [2008-09-10]”An Essential and Indispensable Good”

Pope’s Address to French Politicians [2008-09-12]”All of Human Society Needs Hope”

Benedict XVI on the Roots of European Culture [2008-09-12]”Christian Worship Is an Invitation to Sing With the Angels”

Pontiff’s Greeting to Jewish Delegation [2008-09-12]”To Be Anti-Semitic Also Meant to Be Anti-Christian”

Pope’s Vespers Address at Notre Dame [2008-09-13]”Nothing Can Be Too Beautiful for God”

Benedict XVI’s Address to French Youth [2008-09-13]”The Spirit Is Our Indispensable Guide”

Press Conference With the Pope [2008-09-13]”I Am Going to Find the Love of the Mother”

Papal Address at French Institute [2008-09-13]”Science Without Conscience Brings Only Ruin”

Papal Homily at Mass in Paris [2008-09-13]”Never Does God Ask Man to Sacrifice Reason”

Papal Address at End of Torchlight Procession [2008-09-14]”Lourdes Is Chosen by God for His Beauty to Be Reflected”

Benedict XVI’s Homily in Lourdes [2008-09-14]”The Church Invites Us Proudly to Lift Up This Glorious Cross”

Pontiff’s Address to French Bishops [2008-09-14]”Let Us Strive Always to Be Servants of Unity”

On the Nearness of Our Lady [2008-09-14]”Mary’s Purity Makes Her Infinitely Close to Our Hearts”

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